Santee Summer Camps

Our Summer Camps Are The Perfect Way For Students To Stay Active And Challenged All Summer Long

Does your child have plans for the summer? They do now. 

At Infinity BJJ, we're offering the best Summer Camp experience in all of Santee and El Cajon. We're helping students stay active and challenged all summer long and we can't wait to share that experience with your child!

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What Makes Our Summer Camps So Special?

In our Summer Camps, the goal from day one is to maintain a safe, exciting environment where students all across our community have a blast and challenge themselves with something new each and every day.

We offer professional martial arts instruction PLUS tons of games and activities. Our Summer Camps and truly different from day to day and give students something exciting to look forward to. 

At Infinity BJJ, we're proud to work with students from all across Santee and El Cajon, offering every child the chance to:

  • Learn leadership and teamwork skills
  • Develop well-rounded athleticism
  • Build their focus and discipline in everything they do
  • Stay motivated to be active and have a blast

Don't Miss Out On The Best Summer Camps Right Here In Santee!

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If you're looking for a better way for your child to spend the summer months, we have you covered here at Infinity BJJ. Our Summer Camps are great for all ages and backgrounds.

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