A Brief Word on Hygiene

A Brief Word on Hygiene

As a reminder, hygiene is of utmost importance at Infinity Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to ensure the health and safety of all members and participants. Maintaining proper hygiene practices helps prevent the spread of skin infections and infestations like head lice, which can be common in close-contact sports such as BJJ. Here are some key aspects of hygiene and related rules in BJJ:

  1. NO Shoes on the Mat: To prevent the spread of contaminants and skin infections, it is strictly prohibited to wear shoes on the training mats. This rule helps maintain a clean and hygienic training environment. Shoes should be worn everywhere except on the mat, especially in the bathroom.

  2. Wash Your Gi and Belt: It is mandatory to clean your gi and belt after every training session. Failure to do so not only compromises personal hygiene but also increases the risk of transmitting skin infections or infestations such as head lice. Regular washing helps eliminate bacteria, sweat, and other potential sources of contamination. Your belt does NOT carry magical powers that will wash away with soap. What it DOES carry is germs. Wash it. Pro tip: To prevent tape (stripes) from coming loose, iron over the tape to permanently adhere it to itself.

  3. Shower Daily: All participants must take a thorough shower before and after BJJ training. No one likes rolling with the stinky guy. If you don't know who that is, it's probably you. Take a bath! Pre-training showers help remove surface dirt and sweat, while post-training showers are essential for eliminating bacteria and reducing the chances of skin infections and head lice infestations.

  4. Skin Infections and Head Lice: Check your skin over regularly for marks, rashes, cuts, scrapes, infections, and other questionable skin issues. Report any problems to the coaches and be sure to clean and cover them. It is crucial to promptly report any suspected skin infections or head lice infestations to the academy staff or instructor. This enables appropriate measures to be taken, such as temporary restrictions on training until the issue is resolved, to prevent the spread of contagious conditions. Do NOT train if you knowingly have any skin infection or open wound. Check yourself and your children for head lice, as this is a close contact sport and there are rare occurrences of the sharing of such issues, especially amongst the kids.
  5. Wear Underwear: Wearing clean underwear is not only a matter of personal hygiene but also helps prevent skin-to-skin contact and the potential spread of infections. It is mandatory to wear underwear that covers the entire groin area to maintain modesty and minimize the risk of contamination. Underwear are required to be worn under the gi and under nogi attire.

  6. Use Deodorant: Apply deodorant or antiperspirant before training to control body odor. This practice contributes to a more pleasant training environment and shows respect for fellow practitioners. We provide deodorant spray and mouthwash in the bathroom. Teenage boys, we're looking at you!

  7. Stay Home If You're Sick: If you are experiencing symptoms of illness, such as fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, or any other contagious condition, it is essential to prioritize the health of yourself and others by staying home and refraining from participating in BJJ training. This helps prevent the spread of illnesses and ensures a safe training environment for everyone. By adhering to this rule and staying home when unwell, practitioners can protect themselves and their training partners from potential infections, allowing for a healthier training environment overall.


By incorporating these specific rules addressing skin infections and head lice, BJJ academies can effectively maintain a hygienic training environment and prioritize the health and well-being of their members.

We're all here to have a good time and share some genuine comradery. Don't interfere with others' ability to train by not following these simple steps. Take time off to ensure the safety of your teammates. The mat will be waiting for you when you get back.

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